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Industrial & Chemical Measurement

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163-M S.W. Freeman Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97123

(503) 693-3155 Fax (503) 640-7776


For Technical Support Please Contact:
Made in the USA
If you have sales questions please contact Leanne at 1-503-515-6331, all calls will be returned within 8 hours if a message is left.

ICM provides an Annual Calibration Package for $125.00 on ALL ICM units. Price includes Certificate. *If unit needs repair , estimate will be given via fax or email before work is complete. If you have questions please contact ICM at or call us at 503-693-3155
Whats New at ICM
  • ICM welcomes the addition of AqauTech International. Here you can find Anion and Cation barrel sales and raw materials. You can access its page by clicking AquaTech International

ICM is dedicated to providing high quality, innovative and economical instrumentation for use by all individuals. We will do this by offering quality products, excellent customer service, guidance and education.

Based in Hillsboro, Oregon, Industrial & Chemical Measurement Company (ICM) has been a well established designer, developer, and manufacturer of analytical instrumentation since 1963. ICM products have a wide range of application for measuring key aqueous solution parameters: pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and turbidity. The company also manufactures small portable colorimeters for performing general chemical testing, clinical chemistry measurement, water and wastewater analysis. ICM pH/ORP controllers monitor as well as permanently record data measurements

ICM's focus has been to produce simple, easy-to-use instruments at modest prices. The company's products are actively utilized in small laboratories and for field based environmental analysis.

Our products are unique in that they utilize Analog or Digital circuitry with Analog or Digital readouts. An Analog readout is preferable because humans are Analog.

Analog readout offer following advantages:

  Can be seen in any light
  Can be seen at a distance
  Clearly shows changes & trends
  Immediate direct readings
  Large display

Generally, more economical initial cost and upkeep